2017? Oh My!

Well Hello Beauties!

It’s almost two months in already, let me apologize for my long absence.

A new little man has come into my life, our first grandchild, Lincoln! He was born the day after Thanksgiving. I love my new obsession, holding, singing and raising him up; along with his parents. I can’t help but wonder who he is going to be?

Now let me catch you up on my other creative endeavor. In October I hosted a Mask Making Workshop in Kyoto, Japan! The idea was to find your personal guardian via a meditation, and then represent it in a mask using your own face. It was a wonderful challenge creating this event into something translatable; especially since I do not speak Japanese! Additionally the work I do is often esoteric, where finding words and concepts in English is even difficult. Nonetheless we were able to do it with success, it was fun and I made some new friends.

Thank you Yoko Komori Olson for your assistance and collaboration. I am hoping to teach this Kyoto class again in the future, these students were awesome!