Artist Bio

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Lauren Catalina is a native of California, born of Puerto Rican descent. She has her mother to thank for the artistic DNA in her genes. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Brooklyn NY. Living a bi-coastal life she practices yoga, walks barefoot on the beach, and inhales fresh ocean breezes in California that bring her vitality. She finds inspiration when she leaves her apartment in New York by visiting museums, walking through streets filled with art, murals, music, graffiti, and the vibrant energy of the metropolis she loves. Travel and art have become her lifeline.

Lauren graduated from U.C. Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology. Years later, she became a Certified Reiki Master offering energy healing to her clients. Additionally, she apprenticed with Lynn Andrews in her Mystery School and became a certified Shaman and Ordained Minister with the Sacred Healers and Earth Stewards Organization.

During her studies with Lynn, her creative abilities began to surface. She made baskets, drums, rattles, shields, and masks for ceremonial purposes. She developed workshops teaching others how to bring spirit to form, by making these objects by hand.

Lauren began painting Abstracts in 2004 as a way of healing the sense of loss that is often experienced with an empty nest, when her daughters went to college. Painting offered her a freedom of expression through color and movement.

Year later, in 2013, Lauren began painting online with Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis and was introduced to the Intentional Creativity Movement ™. The following year she was accepted into the Teacher Training program, using the Color of Women Method which brought forth paintings of the Divine Feminine. By combining her Shamanic abilities and bringing Reiki to her canvas, the brush has become her magic wand, unleashing the spirit of many female icons. She believes they are meant to heal and inspire, and she wants to share them with the world.