Evolution of a Painting

As a Shaman Artist, my process is Intentional Creativity.

I often begin with ritual by making an altar with flowers, candles and sacred objects.
This way I set the intention and bring in a spiritual element.
I ask my muse for inspiration, and I listen.
I immediately go to my blank canvas and rest my palm on it for a moment.


From this inspiration, I use my acrylic paint to write a poem, prayer, or words
that have come to me from the meditation directly on the canvas.
Using my intuition and broad brush strokes, I add several layers of abstract colors
until it feels complete.

Then I begin making the outline form of a face or figure.

As I am painting the female icons, they begin to come alive.
I dream of them and get to know them better.
I work with shadow and light bringing them into focus.

They appear on the canvas in many layers
and finally come forth in bold, vibrant colors.

Lastly I work on the finer details and put in symbols that call to me,
adding found objects as needed.