The Arts of Healing Interview Series

Come and join us!

On May 1, 2017,  my friend Cynthia Harrison (we met in 2014 durning our Color of Woman art training) is interviewing experts in diverse fields such as science, physics, medicine, the arts, and metaphysics. This event is your chance to listen and get a peek at how they discovered key techniques to achieve wellness, vitality and success by igniting their soul fire.

And guess what? It’s free, and I have been chosen to be interviewed! There will be a series of speakers over three weeks, and you can pop in anytime you would like to listen. Each segment will be available for three days. Please sign up!

She and I will be having a spontaneous conversation. Spoiler alert, We recently traveled to the Australian Bush together! I have asked her not to send me any pre approved questions, in order to keep me on my toes. It’s both terrifying and exciting, but I really want an authentic experience in the moment! I hope that you will enjoy it and join us for the adventure! Talk to you soon, my loves!

Cynthia and Lauren in conversation!


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