Hi and Happy New Year!

I’m so glad you found me here!

My intention for this blog is to keep you informed and inspired. I will be sharing with you my whereabouts; as I am currently living on the East and West coasts, which I might add is incredibly amazing and something I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams!

I will also be updating you on what luscious creativity I am currently dabbling in and any other funky shenanigans that are juicy enough to be of interest. ┬áSo I hope you’ll follow me.

Right now, I am writing from New York City and I will be starting my “soulwork” project in a few days! It will become my next collection of work which will include 33 paintings and may take a few years to complete, but I’m really exciting about it and my Muse is too!

Until next time,  Lauren Catalina