Brooklyn Art Exhibition

Brooklyn Exhibition CollageHello Beauties!

My heart is full and I am so grateful to my parents, Anna & William Adorno and LisaMarie Adorno for traveling all the way from the California to attend the show! To my friends, cousins and family who came out to support me for my debut in Brooklyn, you are the best. It was on one of the hottest weeks in New York City this summer, and you showed up anyway. Thank goodness for the air conditioned room! The love I felt that day kept me cool, calm, and very present.

I would like to give special thanks to Neri and Myrna Millan for expert set up and sales. The room looked amazing! Neri for the wonderful video of my paintings that were projected on the big screen. It was a last minute scramble tech wise, but you made it happen!

I wish to thank Gabriela Luz Sierra for interviewing me during the salon talk. It was mostly improvised on the spot. She kept me on point, reeling me back in when I wandered off. I have so much to express about my painting passion, but mostly I wanted my audience to leave with an experience of art that touches the soul. My hope is that we were successful in that.

I would like to thank Yoko and John Olson for set up, bar tending and photography. You showed up early and stayed until the end. I appreciate that.

To my Buti sisters, Jessica and Cathy for honoring me and purchasing paintings! It feels awesome knowing they spoke to you, and are in good hands. Put your ear to the canvas, and listen, there are more messages to be received.

Lastly, I want to thank my husband, Gary, for urging me to share my light in the world. We often work in the same room for hours doing our own thing, separately yet together. This collection is the culmination of two years work. It has brought color, and the energy of love into our  studio apartment. It is a blessing to look around at the ladies and feel such peace.

After the show group shot

After the show group shot!